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Physical Access Control – 3 Strategic Questions

Physical access control systems are important for any business that has valuable assets they need to protect. This could mean valuable computers, a file room with company data or physical assets in an office. All of these are investments companies make that should be protected.

Look around you – if you went into work tomorrow and all the items around you were missing, would that be a setback for your company? If your answer is yes – you probably need some form of physical access control system for your office.

The good news is that establishing some access control protocol comes down to 3 simple questions – Who? When? Where? Once you have an answer to these questions, you will be able to begin planning your office access control.


Who Needs Access to Your Office?

Who are the key people that need to be able to access your office? For most people, this will include all staff members, but not always. Do you want to restrict access to only senior staffers? Perhaps only the person who opens and closes the office everyday needs access control to the main locks. Consider the flow of employees throughout the day to map out who needs what access.

You should also consider if any ancillary people need access to your space. Perhaps you have a cleaning crew that comes in on the weekend or a remote IT team that may need to access the office during off-hours. Make sure everyone that needs to be able to access the office can do so.

When Do People Need Access to Your Office?

Consider what days and times people need access to the space. Do people work from 9-5 Monday through Friday? Or maybe they need 24-7 access to your property.

This may not be uniform access for your entire staff. Some team members may only need access 40 hours a week, but others may need to be there more. Take everyone’s schedule into consideration when you are planning an access control system.

Where Do People Need to Access in Your Office?

Are there specific areas in your office that only certain team members are allowed to access? Places like a file room for HR or the executive office may be restricted for certain people on the team. These are important things to consider so you can begin to plan your physical access control systems.

Once you know your Who, When and Where, you can begin planning your physical access control system. If you still need guidance, contact the experts at Aaron’s Locksmith and Security and they will be happy to help.



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