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Access Control

Upgrading Office Security: 3 Smart Solutions

One of the growing pains many companies experience is an increase in theft and security challenges. Newly expanding businesses face the brunt of these threats, as they don’t always have the resources for on site security personnel. When your enterprise begins its shift into bigger business, consider one of these three powerful building security upgrades.

Upgrade #1: Card Reader

Card reader access technology allows for easy employee access into your building and secured, while discouraging potential threats. Readers are simple to install. Depending on your particular system, you might also be able to set up temporary card keys for visiting guests. This system does rely on your employees carefully managing their access cards however, so you’ll need to make sure your employees are responsible.

Upgrade #2: Keypad Locks

Sometimes it’s smarter to skip keys, which are so easily lost. With keypad locks, you can do just that. These systems can be made with physical push-button settings or a digital interface. Codes can also be customized from basic numerical pins to more complex passwords. Keypads work well by themselves, but they can also be combined with other systems (such as basic key locks or biometric access controls) to enhance your security system.

Upgrade #3: Biometric Access

You can fool a key lock. You can even memorize an employee’s password. It’s very hard however, to fake someone’s biometric data. Biometric building security comes in a variety of robust flavors, ranging from the basic fingerprint ID to the advanced retinal recognition. Frankly, these systems are more expensive but very hard to outdo in security effectiveness.

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